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Day 1 - June 01, 2021

Future of PropTech/Real Estate Technology

This day starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm EDT

Opening & Welcome Remarks

Real Estate Tech Trends Recap

The Value of European PropTech for Investment and the Environment

Join us for a fireside chat on the European PropTech market! This conversation is between Dirk Paelinck, Chairman European PropTech Association, and Prof. Rudy Aernoudt, member of the Chief economist team of the European Commission.

The two will discuss the future of PropTech in Europe, trends for investing in European PropTech, and why it's at the top of the agenda for the European Commission. They'll also talk about the huge impact of the European Green Deal and Next Generation EU for both PropTech and real estate in general, as well as how the European Commission will finance the next unicorn. There's a unique collaboration between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European PropTech Association (PropTech House) that you'll want to hear more about, too. And that's not all!

Be sure to join and hear what these two say.


State of Proptech Globally

Keeping up with what's trending is never easy but it's especially difficult when there is so much change and evolution happy within a space at a global level! Courtney Cooper, principal at Alate Partners and familiar face from our Drastic Talks, helps identify and scale promising real estate technology companies, provides market analysis and due diligence and manages relationships with industry partners. And, we couldn't think of someone better to be the moderator of this panel!

Joining Courtney is a handful of global experts. Mete Varas, founder of EurAsia Proptech Initiative based in Istanbul and ME Proptech Initiative down in Dubai, is a PropTech thought-leader and influencer.

Next, we have Jordan Kostelac JLL APAC’s director of PropTech.

Yingying Zhu has researched and implemented PropTech solutions in areas including tenant experience, IoT, data analytics and construction tech. She is the editor at Women in PropTech and a VP of portfolio management for JPMorgan's Global Real Estate group.

Finally, Bronny Wilson, co-founder of the UK chapter of Women in Proptech and head of Client Services and Onsite Staffing in Equiem’s Australian business will be joining the panel.

VIP Round Table: Residential Market Technology Solutions

If you know someone trying to buy a home right now, you probably know someone under a lot of stress. In what is easily one of the biggest decisions and commitments of our life, the home market is crazy and tech has increased the pace from very fast to challenging to keep up with.

This VIP-only roundtable (make sure you get a VIP ticket if you want to join this session!) is moderated by Dan Weisman, Director of Emerging Tech at NAR.

Joining Dan is Kenya Burrell-VanWormer, Senior VP of Diversity SOlutions at T3 Sixty and VP Divisional Realtor/Builder Sales Manager at Bank of America. Kenya's experience ranges from new home construction, sales and marketing, to management, with clients from around the world.

John DiMichele, Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), joins the roundtable with a passion for the protection of privacy and MLS® data intellectual property rights while overseeing the creation of a future-facing MLS® system.

Sitting at the roundtable is Dave Vass who has been a tech entrepreneur for over 17 years, starting out in digital marketing and then moving to building SaaS products. Today, Dave spends every waking second building CostCertified - the residential marketplace for construction.

Finally, Rich Estes is Co-Founder of PunchList USA and a 20 year veteran in real estate development, construction and proptech. Today, Rich leads his teams in strategic growth to deliver fast and pain-free home repairs to homeowners and institutional portfolios across the country.

Join this roundtable about one of the hottest and fastest-moving areas in real estate!


How New Tech Can Benefit Realtors

Real estate has always been about who you know. But it's also been about what you know and tech has changed the entire game for sellers, buyers and agents. With the popularity of real estate apps and the availability of information about rental or properties for sale easily accessible, the role of agents has drastically changed from not too long ago.

Lynette Keyowski, Managing Director for REACH Canada, has a focus on streamlining the real estate transaction from search to keys, with an eye to enhancing value to both the consumer and the real estate practitioner. Lynette will be moderating the panel and will be joined by:

-Dan Weisman, Director of Emerging Tech at NAR. Dan's passion sits at the intersection of business needs and technology, where he helps bring these two worlds together to create competitive advantages, minimize risk, and accelerate growth.
-Reuven Gorshtm Co-Founder and CEO of Deeded. Deeded is a start-up focused on streamlining and modernizing the closing experience for Real Estate and Mortgages.
-Ashley Smith, Co-Founder of Vancouver Avenue and youngest President & media spokesperson in 100 years at the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

Join the conversation to see how buying, selling and everything in between is evolving, or the better or for the worse, with tech!

Yoga: Mini Movement + Mindset Breakout

Join Lee-Anne for a quick reset of movement and mindset to get you refocused and ready to get back into the conference! 10 minutes of movement/stretching and a 5-minute visualization will connect you to your body, your breath, and your goals in attending this conference so you can get the most out of your experience!

Does Tech Really Cross Borders?

In theory, advancements in tech should help everyone. We all benefit with improvements in how to solve challenges, right? Maybe, but maybe not. And does tech really cross borders?

We are tackling these questions at the Drastic Virtual Summit in a panel hosted by Mike McAra, Director at REACH Canada and Director at Second Century Ventures. Today, Mike helps technology companies grow in the real estate market by bringing over a decade of data-driven leadership in scaling high-growth firms across North America

Joining Mike's panel is Natalka Falcomer, President of OJO Home Canada, where she leads the development and expansion of the company’s personalized homebuying and selling experience for the Canadian market. Heather Elias, CEO and co-founder at Artisan Consulting which provides thoughtful, well-crafted marketing and strategic advice to companies in the real estate industry, will also join the panel. The final panelist is Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark, who works with PropTech startups, coaching and mentoring in market suitability, product placement, industry vocabulary and mindset training.

These experts have spent years in PropTech and you're able to listen to their lessons learned at this panel.

Startup Pitch Competition Moderated by Reach

If you polled a group of real estate professionals, many would probably agree that PropTech is the hottest area in the industry. There are so many areas within real estate that can be optimized through technology and there are many companies out there trying to solve challenges in new and better ways. To celebrate this competitive environment, we're hosting our own startup competition for PropTech, moderated by Reach.

Our startup contenders will meet with a panel of expert judges:
- Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark, is a highly experienced property industry professional with over 27 years operating at Partner/Director level in a high-performance environment.
- Dan Weisman, Director of Emerging Tech at NAR, where he helps bring business needs and tech together to create competitive advantages, minimize risk, and accelerate growth.
- Adam Brueckner, VP, Global Portfolio Management and Investment Risk at Oxford Properties Group which connects people to exceptional places, and is the owner, developer and manager of some of the world’s best real estate assets.

Hosting the competition is Valentina Shegoyan. Valentina is part of the REACH global team where she works closely with property technology startups launching into UK real estate.

Day 2 - June 02, 2021

Future of Work & ConTech

This day starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:30pm EDT
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Welcome Note: Day 2

Near and Far: What the Workplace Is to Us

We spent the majority of last year outside of our offices. While some prefer the remote work lifestyle, many would counter that they've never worked harder and that the lack of division between work and home has worn on them. Many want to get back to the office, at least a few days a week.

Understanding the range of opinions about the future of the office, what is it going to look like? How will it operate? How will corporate real estate strategy need to adapt to meet the employee-focused needs of the office environment?

This panel is about the hottest topic in commercial real estate right now. Moderated by Susan Freeman, podcast host and Partner at Mishcon de Reya, this panel includes experts in the workspace industry from around the world: Annie Rinker - Director at Hines and expert in flex space, Wayne Berger - CEO of IWG Americas, Tica Hessing - Human Geographer & Workplace Strategy Manager at Cushman & Wakefield, and Jonathan Wasserstrum - CEO and Co-Founder at SquareFoot. Join to hear predictions about what's next and why.


Innovation VS Transformation: Emerging ConTech

If you research construction-related technologies, you'll see that the field is really starting to build. From streamlining processes to increasing health and safety at construction site, technology has entered the scene and looks like it's here to stay. However, of these emerging solutions, which are truly innovative to the space or are they the result of a longer formed transformation or evolution?

Led by Tauhira Ali, NECA’s Executive Director of Industry Innovation, this panel will examine the current state of the ConTech industry. Joining her is architect and serial entrepreneur behind ConTech startups, Eitan Tsarfati, as well as Mani Golparvar, CTO and Co-founder of Reconstruct as well as Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Scott Peters, President and Co-Founder of Construction Robotics, and Meirav Oren, CEO of Versatile, will also be joining Tauhira on the panel.

Technology is constantly creating and evolving solutions to challenges in all industries and construction is no different. This panel will cover what's happening and what's new in the industry - you won't want to miss it!


An investor’s perspective & trends in Construction

It's regularly said that construction is behind the times in adopting technology. In an industry that regularly leans on paper documentation and manual processes that have been automated or at least digitalized in other industries, it's easy to see why it's said that construction is behind the curve. After all, construction has been around since the beginning of time and it's hard to break traditional ways of doing processes. However, construction is in a pivotal time now as the workforce is turning over and technology has begun to greatly impact how construction is done at all stages.

What trends are going to be a success in construction? We've put together a panel of expert investors to discuss. Moderated by Janis Skriveris, Investor at Plug and Play Ventures, the panel includes Michelle Killoran - Principal at OMERS Ventures, Gregg Wallace - Principal at Building Ventures, Kaustubh Pandya - Principal at Brick & Mortar Ventures, and Chris Stephenson - Partner at Concrete VC. Join the conversation and explore what's next in construction.

VIP Round Table: Strategies For Innovation & Risk Mitigation in Construction

We've added another exclusive VIP round table! "Strategies For Innovation & Risk Mitigation in Construction" is a rare opportunity for audience involvement with expert speakers in the space.

This VIP roundtable includes:
-Jas Saraw is Vice President of Canada at Procore where he is responsible for all Canadian revenue and customer-facing teams.
-Bianca Holtier Coury is the Construction Technology Manager for Eagle Point Software, after she observed early on in her career the need to make the building process more cohesive and streamlined.
-Ardalan Khosrowpour is the CEO and Co-Founder at OnSiteIQ, a Construction Intelligence Platform for real estate owners and developers.
-Dean Hopkins is the Chief Operations Officer of Oxford Properties, a leading real estate investor, developer and manager.
-Anand Gajbhiye is the Director of Construction Technologies at Joeris where he's in charge of contech and R&D/Innovation at Joeris.
-Nicholas Muir is Chief Strategy Officer at OnSiteIQ where he assists with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining the organization short term and long-term strategic goals, initiatives and goals.

Yoga: Mini Movement + Mindset Breakout

Join Lee-Anne for a quick reset of movement and mindset to get you refocused and ready to get back into the conference! 10 minutes of movement/stretching and a 5-minute visualization will connect you to your body, your breath, and your goals in attending this conference so you can get the most out of your experience!

Work Is What We Do, Not Where We Go

The pandemic was a giant test for remote work. People that were spending hours on the road commuting to and from the office were now spending all of their waking and sleeping hours within the same residence. Spare bedrooms were turned into offices and people learned how to, not always successfully, juggle work and home life all at the same place and time. However, as we start to venture back into the office and think about what the new work environment looks like, we aren't all ready to go back to the way it was. There are definite perks to working remotely, at least part time!

Join Mark Gilbreath – CEO of LiquidSpace, Caleb Parker – Founder of Bold and Director, Bold (now a NewFlex portfolio company), Sandra Panara – Director, Workplace Insights at Relogix, and Bhagyashree Pancholy – Owner at All Remotely, in a discussion moderated by David Cairns. These experts understand the workplace and have been a vital part of its evolution from pre-pandemic to making it work over the last year and now what's going to work best as we go back to the office, stay remote, or find a balance between the two.

Startup Pitch Competition Moderated by PnP

Technology and construction, it's always an interesting conversation. Join this startup pitch competition hosted by Plug and Play to see what some of the latest innovative technology solutions are for the construction industry! Moderated by Janis Skriveris, companies will meet our panel of expert judges:
-Jonathan Lane, Director of Urbantech NYC at the New York City Economic Development Corporation
-Nate Fuller, Managing Director of Placer Solutions
-Ray Levitt, Operating Partner at Blackhorn Ventures, LP

Come to see the innovation and stay for the judgements! This competition is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat while you watch what startups are doing in an area that is ripe for tech-enabled assistance.

Cybersecurity of Building Systems on the Path to a Smart CRE Building

Cybersecurity continues to be in the headlines around the world as our lives become more connected to technology. While the opportunities for convenience and automation are grand with connected buildings, security teams may remind those with lofty goals of IoT that each new connection is also a risk or vulnerability.

The Drastic Summit's panel "Cybersecurity of Building Systems on the Path to a Smart CRE Building" is moderated by Joe Gaspardone. Joe is COO of Montgomery Technologies where a division known as Intelligent Riser has been installing enterprise-class networks dedicated to building systems since 2010. Joining Joe is Logan Bjorkman, Property Manager for Hines where her building is currently Park Tower at 250 Howard Street, a 47-story high rise built in 2019 and 100% leased to Facebook. Will Clifford, Building Technology Manager at Intelligent Riser, ensures owners and operators nationwide achieve their smart building goals of protection, cost savings, newfound efficiencies, and enhanced productivity. He will also be joining the panel.

Join Joe, Logan and Will at this panel only at the Drastic Summit.

Day 3 - June 03, 2021

Contech/Sustainability & Women in the Built World

This day starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:15pm EDT

Welcome Note: Day 3

Digitization in the Construction Industry

The wave of digitization is strong throughout the entire real estate industry and the construction sector is no different. Moderated by Lorri Rowlandson, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at BGIS, a Facilities Management, this panel will discuss tools, challenges and adoptions of digitization in construction.

Joining Lorri are a handful of panelists with a wide range of perspectives and experience:
-John Boktor leads PCL’s Digital Construction team based in Toronto, Ontario. He is a frequent guest lecturer at construction management programs on construction technology and a member of Ontario General Contractors Association’s established Technology Committee.
-Amir Azhari is the Chief Commercial Officer of AOMS Technologies which he cofounded in 2014 to pursue his passion in helping industrial projects become more efficient and cost-effective by incorporating advanced technologies.
-Bernie Devine is Regional Director, Asia Pacific at Yardi Systems, Inc. Bernie is a leader in digital transformation in real estate and using data to create a more competitive and collaborative environment and lives in Hong Kong.
-Bianca Holtier Coury is the Construction Technology Manager for Eagle Point Software. Bianca is a builder, connector, change agent and strategist responsible for facilitating process improvement and aligning technology with operational excellence across the AECO space.

Lorri will facilitate an in-depth conversation with John, Amir, Bernie and Bianca about digitization in construction. With a combination of worldwide experience and variety of perspectives, it's sure to be an interesting discussion!


Expanding your Vision Beyond Covid

What are buildings going to be like after the pandemic? Tired of talking about COVID?

The ‘Queen Of Prefab,' known to most of the world as Amy Marks, is the Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy and Evangelism at Autodesk. Amy has created a framework for transformation which is going to be a central focus of this chat.

Salla Eckhardt, Director of Transformation Services at Microsoft, will join Amy. Salla's mission is to unify a clear vision around the Digital Building Lifecycle framework: consolidating the physical, social, and digital environments.

Learn about the new framework for transformation and innovation as well as how to implement it straight from the creator, Amy, as she and Salla look beyond to the future!

Yoga: Energy Burst

Did you know movement plays a huge role in how we feel? This is one of the reasons why it's so important to move regularly. We tend to believe that it can be fun, too.

Led by Alicia Wood, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor based out of Toronto, these sessions are meant to keep your body energized and awake. This will optimize how much you're able to listen and pay attention to the rest of the day.

Think of these as a quick energy burst to get everyone out of their seat, out of their heads and into their body. Plus, these sessions feature accessible movements to everyone.

Join us for an easy way to feel uplifted really, really quickly. We'll have a few of these throughout the days, be sure to check them out!

The Net Zero Built Environment

During "The Net-Zero Built Environment," we discover what achieving net-zero actually means and the role of smart buildings in achieving it. Moderated by Natasha Terinova, UK Director of the scale-up program REACH UK, the panel will benefit from her years in cleantech and running and advising global startups in the UK and internationally.

Joining Natasha is Tegan Keele, Managing Director in Enterprise Innovation within the KPMG Growth & Strategy practice, as well as Tyson Woeste, a Partner on the Climate Tech Investment team at Fifth Wall. Miimu Airaksinen, CEO and Managing Director at RIL Finnish Association of Civil Engineers, and Rosanna Lawn, Manager of all Brand and Strategic partnership development for Project Etopia, will also be joining the panel. Together will cover the key challenges, required infrastructure and we will discover they'll discuss cover the key challenges, required infrastructure and what net zero built environments look like.

Don't be left out of this hot topic!

VIP Round Table: Leadership Skills for Women in the Built World

The built world hasn't exactly welcomed women and the skills women need to be successful in the industry don't necessarily match those that others need. This group of leading women is here to give advice, share experiences and help other women progress towards their goals. Best yet, because it is a round table discussion, those attendees with VIP access are able to participate in the conversation, too!

Front and center of the roundtable are six women:
-Sherry Larjani, an experienced real estate developer and entrepreneur, is focused on creating beautifully designed spaces that bring her visions to life.
- Vicki Bradley, Founder of Vicki Bradley and Company and WIL Empowered, businesses that focus on supporting women to enhance their leadership and be at their optimal performance in all aspects of life.
- Taya Cook, spearheaded the first all-female designed and developed condominium project in Canada, called Reina.
- Amy Marks, CEO of XSite Modular and pioneered a path to become the world’s preeminent prefabrication consultant and is often called the Queen Of Prefab.
- Sarah Romanuck, a commercial banker turned tech sector advocate who currently leads RBC’s South West Ontario / GTA Technology & Innovation Banking team, with the vision to help companies scale at all stages of their life cycle.
- Heather Widman, Principal at Building Ventures and works in investment-focused areas: PropTech and Sustainability.


AI Transforming Construction & Beyond

AI, the widely accepted acronym for artificial intelligence, is impacting so many areas of real estate from building system automation to security deposits and visitor management. However, one of the most significant ways that AI is affecting real estate is through construction.

Moderated by Steve Pierz, who you may recognize from our Drastic Talks and is Chief Innovation Officer at FBR, the "AI Transforming Construction & Beyond" panel is going to cover the multitude of ways that AI is changing one of the oldest sectors of real estate. Joining Steve are a few expert panelists:

-Bahar Sateli is a Manager and Senior Data Scientist at PwC AI & Analytics practice in Montreal. With a doctorate in computer science, she holds an in-depth knowledge of development and operationalization of various AI solutions. In addition to her data science role, she is specialized in building explainable, robust AI models, and helping businesses understand the ethical implications of their use.
-Abel Samaniego is Founder and CEO at DABBEL in Germany. DABBEL, a AI-Autonomous Building Management System, reduces buildings' HVAC energy consumption and CO₂ emissions.
-Mehdi Nourbakhsh is a manager and AI research lead at Autodesk Research. He is passionate about bringing AI-assisted technologies to the hands of owners, architects, engineers, and construction contractors. With his several years of experience as a structural engineer and construction manager, he leads a research team focusing on the applications of AI and ML in design and construction.

There is so much potential and opportunity for AI in construction. AI has already made waves in buildings and, when it starts with construction, there are no limits! Join us for this exciting panel where the futuristic world of AI is here, we just have to look for it.

How to Build the Cities of the Future

Post pandemic, we're more aware of how to effectively plan for the future. So what does that mean for the future of cities? In 2019, Maria Yoma founded Elevator, a PropTech startup with a mission to re-design the urban life to create more livable cities and communities and more meaningful lives. With that in mind, she's moderating this panel about how to build the cities of the future.

Joining Maria are others with passionate missions for a better tomorrow for our cities. Ilana Altman, Co-Executive Director at Bentway, is a cultural planner and designer who has a background in art and architecture. Monika Jaroszonek believes that technology can be used to build more liveable cities through increased density, affordable housing, well-designed municipalities, and better access to urban information and used that perspective when she founded Ratio.City. Patri Friedman is the General Partner at Pronomos Capital, the world's first charter city VC fund. Finally, Mike Collins-Williams is a Registered Professional Planner with extensive experience in the new home building and development industry and CEO of West End Home Builders' Association.

Startup Pitch Competition Winners Announcement: ConTech & PropTech

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