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What are the most important things to note?

  • In order to participate in the panel, you will only need to join a Zoom Call (link provided within the invitation sent by our team).

  • It has been requested that you join 15 minutes early to help eradicate any technical issues prior to the official start time.

  • The Zoom Call will broadcast into our virtual platform at the appointed start time.

  • A Drastic team member will join you on the call to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Is the audience joining the zoom call?

Only panelists and the moderator are logging into the zoom. It's not a usual zoom link that everyone would join. We are using a virtual event platform that the audience will log in and join and through that, they will be able to watch the session.

Why are we using Zoom to join the live session?

We intentionally decided to use zoom because we thought all of our speakers and panelists have experience with zoom rather than something new they haven't seen before.

Will the audience ask questions?

Each panel will have a session chat box on the virtual event platform where attendees can ask questions and communicate. The questions will not be visible on Zoom, and the moderator will share them with the group if needed.

Can I attend the other sessions?

Absolutely! We would love to have you join us at the Summit as an attendee to participate in world-class conversations, network with other guests, and much more. We have created complementary profiles for all speakers using the email address you provided to us in our speaker onboarding form. You can access the event using the link below and log in using the same email address. If this is your first time at a Drastic event, the system will ask you to pick a password and create a profile. If you have participated in one of our events before, you can simply use the same email address and login. 

Access the Event Here

Will each speaker be announced on social media?

Yes, all sessions will be announced on social media. However, the order depends on how soon the details and the Panelists of each specific session are confirmed.

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