More buildings are being built to meet new standards of climate-awareness from day one. However, what about buildings that are already constructed? Buildings can be green in operational performance due to powerful tech-enabled ecosystems. It’s truly amazing what PropTech can do these days! Tune in to learn more.

A common obstacle in innovation, startups and real estate is the lack of women in leadership or executive positions and the ramifications of this state. This panel discusses that by bringing women into the inner circles and into leadership positions, that overall innovation in companies and the industry will increase. It’s about diversification of experiences and perspectives!

These women aren’t slowing down on their way to the top! Listen to these leaders from places around the world as they share stories about their journeys, their goals and even advice for those interested in building empires of their own.

One of the most important topics is diversity and inclusion and what that looks like in the real estate or PropTech space isn’t a simple answer. How do we get better at it? These experts have first-hand experience and share their lessons learned so that we can all get better.

The office struggled quite a lot last year with record-breaking vacancies in some of the largest central business districts around the world. What does the office look like while we are still dealing with the pandemic and after? From a few different perspectives, these experts chat about what’s really happening now and what will be up next.

This talk covers a wide variety of topics surrounding the transition from a “hands-off” approach to customer centricity to a much more “hands on” approach that has gained significant traction in recent years that will now have rocket boosters in light of covid-19

The old adage of the customer is always right has moved into the real estate space, and especially into offices. As offices are changing to be a place of business and into a space that inspires collaboration, enables focus work, and is flexible to meet today’s demands, this panel discusses what the office looks like after the pandemic.

Robotics offer the potential of solving some of the largest problems facing the construction industry including safety, shortage of personnel, productivity, as well as costs. Why hasn't the promise been realized, where are we on the Gartner Hype curve, are construction robots coming soon?

Are we about to face a robot takeover? Is this going to be a risk for employment? Construction robots are addressing problems and challenges across the board in the construction industry and are showing us how an industry that utilizes technology can evolve to the next level.

AI isn’t limited to consumerism or industrial sectors, it can drastically improve and empower many different parts of the built environment. This expert panel dives into the many areas where technology, especially artificial intelligence, has already or will soon change the face of the built environment.

The me-too and other equality movements have brought a lot of attention to the environments women work in and real estate is no exception to the rule. These experts chime in about how to break down barriers in a traditional and conventional industry.

Technology has infiltrated every part of our personal lives from how we wake up in the mornings to work, time with friends and even meditation. Technology hasn’t stopped there but has become a contributing factor in every real estate transaction, too.

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