The pandemic was a giant test for remote work. People that were spending hours on the road commuting to and from the office were now spending all of their waking and sleeping hours within the same residence. Spare bedrooms were turned into offices and people learned how to, not always successfully, juggle work and home life all at the same place and time. However, as we start to venture back into the office and think about what the new work environment looks like, we aren't all ready to go back to the way it was. There are definite perks to working remotely, at least part time!

Join Mark Gilbreath – CEO of LiquidSpace, Caleb Parker – Founder of Bold and Director, Bold (now a NewFlex portfolio company), Sandra Panara – Director, Workplace Insights at Relogix, and Bhagyashree Pancholy – Owner at All Remotely, in a discussion moderated by David Cairns. These experts understand the workplace and have been a vital part of its evolution from pre-pandemic to making it work over the last year and now what's going to work best as we go back to the office, stay remote, or find a balance between the two.

This session is part of Drastic Virtual 2021 happening June 1-3! Get your full access pass at www.drasticsummit.com.

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