If you research construction-related technologies, you'll see that the field is really starting to build. From streamlining processes to increasing health and safety at construction site, technology has entered the scene and looks like it's here to stay. However, of these emerging solutions, which are truly innovative to the space or are they the result of a longer formed transformation or evolution?

Led by Tauhira Ali, NECA’s Executive Director of Industry Innovation, this panel will examine the current state of the ConTech industry. Joining her is architect and serial entrepreneur behind ConTech startups, Eitan Tsarfati, as well as Mani Golparvar, CTO and Co-founder of Reconstruct as well as Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Scott Peters, President and Co-Founder of Construction Robotics, and Meirav Oren, CEO of Versatile, will also be joining Tauhira on the panel.

Technology is constantly creating and evolving solutions to challenges in all industries and construction is no different. This panel will cover what's happening and what's new in the industry - you won't want to miss it! Join us June 1-3 by grabbing your ticket at www.drasticsummit.com.

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