Post pandemic, we're more aware of how to effectively plan for the future. So what does that mean for the future of cities? In 2019, Maria Yoma founded Elevator, a PropTech startup with a mission to re-design the urban life to create more livable cities and communities and more meaningful lives. With that in mind, she's moderating this panel about how to build the cities of the future.

Joining Maria are others with passionate missions for a better tomorrow for our cities. Ilana Altman, Co-Executive Director at Bentway, is a cultural planner and designer who has a background in art and architecture. Monika Jaroszonek believes that technology can be used to build more liveable cities through increased density, affordable housing, well-designed municipalities, and better access to urban information and used that perspective when she founded Ratio.City. Patri Friedman is the General Partner at Pronomos Capital, the world's first charter city VC fund. Finally, Mike Collins-Williams is a Registered Professional Planner with extensive experience in the new home building and development industry and CEO of West End Home Builders' Association.

Ready to hear more about how future cities will be built? Get your ticket for the virtual event at www.drasticsummit.com!

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