Keeping up with what's trending is never easy but it's especially difficult when there is so much change and evolution happy within a space at a global level! Courtney Cooper, principal at Alate Partners and familiar face from our Drastic Talks, helps identify and scale promising real estate technology companies, provides market analysis and due diligence and manages relationships with industry partners. And, we couldn't think of someone better to be the moderator of this panel!

Joining Courtney is a handful of global experts. Mete Varas, founder of EurAsia Proptech Initiative based in Istanbul and ME Proptech Initiative down in Dubai, is a PropTech thought-leader and influencer.

Next, we have Jordan Kostelac JLL APAC’s director of PropTech.

Yingying Zhu has researched and implemented PropTech solutions in areas including tenant experience, IoT, data analytics and construction tech. She is the editor at Women in PropTech and a VP of portfolio management for JPMorgan's Global Real Estate group.

Finally, Bronny Wilson, co-founder of the UK chapter of Women in Proptech and head of Client Services and Onsite Staffing in Equiem’s Australian business will be joining the panel.

We have a global speaker panel as well as a global audience - will you be joining? Make sure you have your ticket! www.drasticsummit.com

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