Cybersecurity continues to be in the headlines around the world as our lives become more connected to technology. While the opportunities for convenience and automation are grand with connected buildings, security teams may remind those with lofty goals of IoT that each new connection is also a risk or vulnerability.

The Drastic Summit's panel "Cybersecurity of Building Systems on the Path to a Smart CRE Building" is moderated by Joe Gaspardone. Joe is COO of Montgomery Technologies where a division known as Intelligent Riser has been installing enterprise-class networks dedicated to building systems since 2010. Joining Joe is Logan Bjorkman, Property Manager for Hines where her building is currently Park Tower at 250 Howard Street, a 47-story high rise built in 2019 and 100% leased to Facebook. Will Clifford, Building Technology Manager at Intelligent Riser, ensures owners and operators nationwide achieve their smart building goals of protection, cost savings, newfound efficiencies, and enhanced productivity. He will also be joining the panel.

Join Joe, Logan and Will at this panel only at the Drastic Summit. Don't have your ticket yet? Head over to www.drasticsummit.com and register today so you don't miss a day of the virtual action.

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