AI, the widely accepted acronym for artificial intelligence, is impacting so many areas of real estate from building system automation to security deposits and visitor management. However, one of the most significant ways that AI is affecting real estate is through construction.

Moderated by Steve Pierz, who you may recognize from our Drastic Talks and is Chief Innovation Officer at FBR, the "AI Transforming Construction & Beyond" panel is going to cover the multitude of ways that AI is changing one of the oldest sectors of real estate. Joining Steve are a few expert panelists:

-Bahar Sateli is a Manager and Senior Data Scientist at PwC AI & Analytics practice in Montreal. With a doctorate in computer science, she holds an in-depth knowledge of development and operationalization of various AI solutions. In addition to her data science role, she is specialized in building explainable, robust AI models, and helping businesses understand the ethical implications of their use.
-Abel Samaniego is Founder and CEO at DABBEL in Germany. DABBEL, a AI-Autonomous Building Management System, reduces buildings' HVAC energy consumption and CO₂ emissions.
-Mehdi Nourbakhsh is a manager and AI research lead at Autodesk Research. He is passionate about bringing AI-assisted technologies to the hands of owners, architects, engineers, and construction contractors. With his several years of experience as a structural engineer and construction manager, he leads a research team focusing on the applications of AI and ML in design and construction.

There is so much potential and opportunity for AI in construction. AI has already made waves in buildings and, when it starts with construction, there are no limits! Join us for this exciting panel where the futuristic world of AI is here, we just have to look for it.

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